About Us

I pur­chased the Prescott Obser­va­tory from Paul Coomba in Novem­ber of 2010. Paul had suc­cess­fully used the obser­va­tory for aster­oid detec­tion and had dis­cov­ered over 600 aster­oids with his equip­ment. I began with an empty shell of a build­ing and imme­di­ately started the refur­bish­ing and retro­fit of the build­ing. None of the exist­ing equip­ment was used for the upgrades.

I had 3 goals in mind when I began work here:

1. Pub­lic Out­reach. This is cur­rently being met through my part­ner­ship with the SLOOH Space Cam­era web cast­ing organization.

2. Sci­en­tific Research. I am cur­rently involved with the Low­ell Obser­va­tory LARI pro­gram study­ing rota­tional peri­ods of faint aster­oids for the KBNC project.

3. Edu­ca­tion. This goal has not been met, but I am ahead of sched­ule for real­iz­ing the goals of the obser­va­tory. I fully expect to have a suc­cess­ful and inspir­ing edu­ca­tional program