The macro scale obser­va­tory (dome) uti­lizes three dis­tinct tele­scopes for observ­ing. The 24 inch PlaneWave CDK tele­scope is cou­pled to an Apogee U16M (4096×4096) cam­era most of the time. The Taka­hashi TOA 150 is used with an Imag­ing Source plan­e­tary cam­era for plan­e­tary and lunar view­ing. The Taka­hashi FSQ is cou­pled with the SBIG STF 8300 for ultra wide-​field views.

The three opti­cal tube assem­blies are mounted and pointed by a cus­tom Mathis Alt/​Az mount uti­liz­ing M1000 mount and M1250 fork arms and side clamps with high res­o­lu­tion encoders.

The dome is an Ash Dome auto­mated via Dif­fration Lim­ited Max­Dome com­mu­ni­ca­tion boards and cus­tom relay mod­ule for the A/​C dome motors.

The mount, tele­scope focus­ing, rota­tion, dome con­trol, and all periph­eral soft­ware is con­trolled by an Alien­ware M17 lap­top computer.